To start experimenting with the recipe for boba milk tea and establish the "Chamichi" brand-  the two siblings originating from Taiwan, combined their knowledge and passion for tea to enter the Thai market.


They started expanding the Chamichi franchise in Thailand under the brand name "Chamichi Boba Milk Tea," with a clear positioning of delivering authentic tea at an affordable price of just 30 Baht. Their goal was to make it accessible to people across all regions of Thailand. Currently, there are more than 700 branches nationwide.


Chamichi Boba Milk Tea has successfully opened branches in different countries, including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It has received excellent responses, helping to promote the tea-drinking culture, which is at the core of our brand.


Chamichi continues to prioritize quality and service, striving for constant improvement in every aspect of its operations. With a strong commitment to excellence, Chamichi aims to become a leader in the boba milk tea industry moving forward.

Chamichi Franchise (茶道) is a Leading franchise business in the field of Boba milk tea and Healthy tea. Our Franchise has branches both domestic and international. Main products do not solely focus on bubble milk tea, but also offer a variety of menu options. We also emphasized on providing healthy tea choices for our customers. We use high-quality tea leaves, and we are ready to respond to future health trends.

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