Chamichi (茶道) - The Way Of Tea

The word "Cha (茶)" refers to a cultural tradition of drinking tea that has been passed down for over 1000 years.

 And the word "Michi (道)" originates from the Japanese language and means "street" or "path." Therefore, the combined meaning of "Michi" and "cha" is "The way of tea"

Our Value


Select high-quality teas using traditional methods, including roasting, rolling, and fermenting. These techniques are exclusively reserved for Chamichi.


Our teas are brewed fresh for each cup, ensuring that the taste and beneficial properties of the tea leaves are preserved.


Our innovative creations are designed to excite the taste buds and provide a memorable dining experience


we carefully blend flavors, textures, and aromas to deliver a truly delightful and satisfying experience.


Preserve and transmit the culture of tea drinking while ensuring that it aligns with the lifestyles and values of individuals.

Chamichi Franchise (茶道) is a Leading franchise business in the field of Boba milk tea and Healthy tea. Our Franchise has branches both domestic and international. Main products do not solely focus on bubble milk tea, but also offer a variety of menu options. We also emphasized on providing healthy tea choices for our customers. We use high-quality tea leaves, and we are ready to respond to future health trends.

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