In the year 2012, Teetime Soft Drink Co., Ltd. was established and registered on January 11, 2555 B.E. (2012 A.D.). The primary product was high-quality tea imported from Taiwan, with the main objective of providing beverage services. In the first year, the company expanded to 5 branches, both in Bangkok and the provinces. The highlight was the health-oriented tea brewing method. The first branch was opened in Silom Soi 10, which received significant positive feedback from office workers and students alike.

     In 2013, due to the expanding tea market in Thailand and the emerging trend of bubble milk tea, the brand underwent internal changes. The management team developed a new brand, using the term "茶道" (Cha-Dao), where "茶" means tea and "道" means path or way. Together, it signifies "The Way of Tea," blending cultures from the ASEAN region. The new name became "CHA-MICHI," and the first franchise was launched in March 2013. By the end of the year, the franchise had expanded to 30 branches nationwide. The company began selling "Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea" and the management team was invited for interviews on Channel 26, DELUXE NEWS TV, marking the first TV appearance for the Chamichi brand.

     In 2014, the Chamichi franchise expanded to over 200 branches, covering 47 provinces. That year, CHA-MICHI officially signed a Master Franchise agreement with a distributor from Laos, marking the first international representation. Chamichi underwent changes and improvements to the tea flavor to better meet consumer demands. New products were introduced, including Matcha Latte made from authentic matcha powder imported from Japan, and collagen drinks for health-conscious consumers. The CHA-MICHI brand gained more recognition and was invited to various TV programs such as SME Good to Know and 10 AM Talk News, further establishing its reputation in the market.

     In the year 2015 (B.E. 2558), the company changed its name to Michi Corporation Co., Ltd. with a new slogan, "One Cup, Experience All." CHA-MICHI received franchise certification from the Department of Business Development (DBD) and expanded by over 200 branches. Michi Corporation developed internal systems to support continuous business growth and introduced new products, including fresh coffee under the brand [COFFMICHI], to meet diverse customer demands.

     In 2016 (B.E. 2559), CHA-MICHI had over 500 branches nationwide, including in Laos. The company expanded its distribution to support franchisees in the northeastern region and established CHAMICHI - Cha Parway in Nakhon Ratchasima, adjacent to Vongchavalitkul University. This year also marked appearances on TV programs such as "Smart SME Channel" and "Kumpeer Withi Roi" on Channel 9 MCOT, enhancing brand visibility.

     In 2017 (B.E. 2560), CHA-MICHI signed a Master Franchise agreement with an official distributor from Cambodia and organized the "Love Dream&Future 2017" event in Cambodia. Additionally, CHA-MICHI expanded internationally by signing a Master Franchise agreement with a distributor from Vietnam, establishing CHAMICHI VIETNAM. The brand expanded its branches in the AEC region and increased its customer base.

     In 2018 (B.E. 2561), CHA-MICHI developed a new organizational identity to adapt to market and technological changes. The company diversified its product design, introduced digital and social media marketing, and enhanced internal personnel capabilities. Furthermore, CHA-MICHI ventured into the global market and established the first Band Concept And Showroom to expand franchise representation under the name "MICHI." This year, the company planned to expand its branches to major department stores in Thailand.

     Chamichi, 茶道, embraces the slogan "One Cup, Experience All," emphasizing our dedication to every beverage we serve. Beyond the traditional taste of Taiwanese bubble milk tea, we prioritize health-conscious tea drinking. Careful selection of tea leaves, meticulous production processes, and sourcing high-quality ingredients guarantee the best beverage experience for our customers. With over 600 branches nationwide in Thailand, Chamichi is committed to catering to diverse customer needs. We not only open branches in department stores but also penetrate university campuses, hospitals, markets, and communities, making tea drinking a cultural norm accessible to all.

Vision, Mission, and Organizational Values:


We provide more than just promises to our partners to meet increasing customer demands. Our goal is to expand branches globally.

We strive to be the number one bubble milk tea franchise in Thailand and expand our branches worldwide.

We aim to be the leading tea beverage brand in Thailand and expand our branches globally.


To create a quality life for customers by providing exceptional products and services.

To adhere to ethical principles in conducting business.

To focus on product quality and innovation to deliver the best to consumers.

To instill confidence in our full support and services.

To develop our employees' quality, skills, responsibility, learning, and integration into the organization.

To contribute to society by supporting, caring, creating, and sharing with communities.

These principles drive our organization forward as we continuously strive to provide the best products and services while fostering a positive impact on society.

     Chamichi Franchise (茶道) is a Leading franchise business in the field of Boba milk tea and Healthy tea. Our Franchise has branches both domestic and international. Main products do not solely focus on bubble milk tea, but also offer a variety of menu options. We also emphasized on providing healthy tea choices for our customers. We use high-quality tea leaves, and we are ready to respond to future health trends.

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