Tea leaves of premium quality are sourced from three distinct cultivars cultivated in the northern region of Thailand. These leaves boast a rich, deep aroma and are harvested solely during one season. We meticulously select the finest tea leaves to ensure the highest quality for consumers.


     We choose locally sourced ingredients such as beverage powders, fresh milk powder, and fresh fruits as the main components for creating incredibly delicious menu items. These selections cater to the preferences of the local populace. Our strength lies in innovating new beverage creations that keep pace with trends while integrating contemporary lifestyles.


     We have a tapioca pearl production facility in Thailand, leveraging the country's reputation for producing top-quality tapioca, which ranks among the world's best. Our production adheres to international standards such as ISO9001, HACCP, and GHPS, ensuring confidence in the quality of our products. Our tapioca pearls are freshly made, offering excellent taste and freshness.

     Chamichi Franchise (茶道) is a Leading franchise business in the field of Boba milk tea and Healthy tea. Our Franchise has branches both domestic and international. Main products do not solely focus on bubble milk tea, but also offer a variety of menu options. We also emphasized on providing healthy tea choices for our customers. We use high-quality tea leaves, and we are ready to respond to future health trends.

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